Thursday, December 17, 2009

Embarrassingly late!

So remember Old Red Barn's Quilt Along in...say...August? I just finished it yesterday. In my defense I didn't even start it until the last week of August. Then we went to Georgia for 3 weeks and then came birthdays and Halloween...and just life. I really loved these fabrics though and couldn't stand to just waste t hem so I made myself finish.

I'm very happy I did. It has a lot of missing points and it looks like it was quilted by a drunken monkey but it's so soft and cuddly. This is my first time not pre-washing my fabrics and it gave it a nice crinkle. It matches Little Miss Magic's room perfectly. I was thinking about giving it to her as a Christmas present but she's already spotted it and is currently snuggled in it watching Christmas cartoons.

It looks wonky in the pictures but I assure you that baby has STRAIGHT sides. I spent HOURS lining it all up.

Finished size is 58"x61". The top is Mostly Sun Drop by Dena Designs with a bit of Freshcut by Heather Bailey, Midwest Modern by Amy Butler and Aviary by Joel Dewberry. The back is Lavender Lollipop from Freshcut.

Maybe now I can snart September's Quilt Along! So behind.. as usual!


  1. Well done! I have been following the flickr group but have not had time to start any of the quiltalongs, YET!!