Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love for Layla Grace

I've spent the last few hours reading about Layla and my heart is broken. I can only imagine how those close to her feel. I would like to reach out to them in the only way I know how to.

I am asking for quilt blocks for the Marsh family. I will do the final construction and quilting and send it on to them. Ideally a 7.5" would be great but I'm not picky. If it needs to be smaller or larger especially to incorporate a design, I can work around it.

If you're not a quilter its ok! We would still love for you to contribute. You can write a message with a fabric marker, transfer a photo of Layla, embroider- whatever moves you and lets this poor family know that they are in our hearts.

If you can't provide a square please spread the word! Tweet and retweet! Blog it, facebook it, whatever it is you do. Feel free to grab the picture and use it as a button on your blog.

I'd like at least one quilt, but if there is enough response I'm thinking I'd like to do one larger one for the parents and two smaller ones for her sisters.

When your blocks are finished you can email me at for the address to mail them to.

Thank you so much!
I have always loved the things that Heather at Olive and Ollie comes up with.

She creates awesome birthday shirts

amazing lounge sets

and adorable dresses

Plus she has a Boston Terrier and we all know that Boston Terrier owners are the coolest people ever!

Through the end of the month there is an even better reason to shop Olive and Ollie though. Layla is 2 years old and has stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma. Heather is donating a portion of her proceeds to little Layla's family.

You can read Layla's Mommy's blog here but be warned. I couldn't make it through the first entry.