Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love for Layla Grace

I've spent the last few hours reading about Layla and my heart is broken. I can only imagine how those close to her feel. I would like to reach out to them in the only way I know how to.

I am asking for quilt blocks for the Marsh family. I will do the final construction and quilting and send it on to them. Ideally a 7.5" would be great but I'm not picky. If it needs to be smaller or larger especially to incorporate a design, I can work around it.

If you're not a quilter its ok! We would still love for you to contribute. You can write a message with a fabric marker, transfer a photo of Layla, embroider- whatever moves you and lets this poor family know that they are in our hearts.

If you can't provide a square please spread the word! Tweet and retweet! Blog it, facebook it, whatever it is you do. Feel free to grab the picture and use it as a button on your blog.

I'd like at least one quilt, but if there is enough response I'm thinking I'd like to do one larger one for the parents and two smaller ones for her sisters.

When your blocks are finished you can email me at for the address to mail them to.

Thank you so much!


  1. OK, Candace I will make a block for you today.

  2. Thank you Candace, for coming up with such an awesome idea. I think I have at least two other people outside of our little group who are going to make some blocks, and I'm going to post about this on our Modern Quilt Guild ning group as well. I blogged about it today, too.

  3. Yeah guys! Thank you!

    I posted about it on two flickr quilting groups and on my Facebook Fanpage.

  4. Thank you so much for doing this--I'll get busy! I love the idea of quilts for her sisters...

  5. Do you have a particular color scheme in mind?

    I have a stack of sunbonnet sue blocks already done. (10 at least) I'm pretty sure they are either 8" or 10"

    I have bins and bins of fabric if you are looking for solid squares.

  6. This is so awesome! Layla's mom is a friend of a friend and we have all been so touched by her story. I am going to try and collaborate with some of my sewing friends to submit some crochet embellished blocks.

  7. I do NOT have a pattern or color scheme in mind. I want this to look like a bunch of people put it together. I want them to see how many lives she touched in her short life.

    I would say just keep in mind she's a little girl and nothing too dreary- other than that it's up to you!

  8. Candace, I'm not great at quilting but I can give it a go! :) I have some of that MM ice cream cone you need it backed or you just need the square?
    Msg me on the group :)

  9. Will definitely be making some blocks....

  10. i'll make a block. thanks for planning this!

  11. I just saw this today... I will make one or two blocks as well.

  12. I'll be making a block and spreading the word.

  13. Hi Candie, I have a square done, but do you want it on a batting back? Just e-mail me or convo, XOXo, heidi

  14. Hi I am Georgia from Ohio and I would like to make a block for the layla quilt, I am a mom who also has lost a little daughter , at almost 2 yrs old and this is some thing i wish would have been done for me when my daughter died as it makes a difference after all the hoopla and all has died down and no one comes around anymore ect To be able to hold something in your arms is the best gift in the world, I was lucky enough to have her blankie and it is cherrished still and it is 20 yrs later,
    have a pink rainbow day
    georgia from ohio

  15. i have quilting fabric squares but am not sure of the theme and would gladly donate some for the quilts !please tell me where to send them

    I to lost a son but as a result of sids and wish i had a quilt for him !

  16. Oh ladies, Im so sorry it took so long to see this!

    We dont have a theme or anything. I think the beauty of these quilts is to look like it has come from a number of different people to show just how many lives were touched.

    You can send blocks to
    Candace McCarty
    1413 Buckeye St
    Terre Haute, IN 47804

    Im so sorry for both of your loses. What a horrific thing to endure.

  17. Hello. I just found this site. I think what you are doing is great. I would be willing to send a block as well, if you still are accepting blocks. Thanks.